Costco Samples Have Returned But With a Different Package


By Cooking Panda

Earlier in March, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Costco paused the availability of in-store food samples but promised that things would start to ease back to normal in mid-June. They said things would have to be appropriately adjusted for safety.

It’s August and we’re now starting to see food samples available in some of their warehouses at various locations. True to the words said earlier in the year, they do look different than before. The samples now come as dry packages of the ingredients and are stacked in front of the kiosk. It does seem like there are no plans to have the food cooked right there, but rather have the customer take the packages home to fix themselves.

Even with this change, not all demos are currently available but this is not unexpected. Present in their warehouses are signposts to remind customers to maintain social distance while shopping.

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