Costco Membership essential at food court now!


By Cooking Panda

The end of open-to-all Costco food court marks the end of an era.

Multiple reports claim that Costco’s food court rules are about to change for at least some locations. So now you might need a membership if you want to buy Costco’s revered hot dogs and $1 churros.

The social media and news outlets claim that Costco membership would start at $60 per year. Moreover, a  membership would be mandatory for those purchasing cheap eats from the big box store’s food court.

10News, the local San Diego outlet, has confirmed about a Mountain View, Calif., Costco putting up a sign that was telling customers that soon enough, a membership would be essential for buying stuff at the food court.

Costco’s corporate office is yet to confirm whether the rollout is going to be nationwide or just at select locations.

costco membership social media post

Numerous Costco customers have peppered the social media with photos of signs. It read, “Effective March 16, 2020, an active Costco membership card will be required to purchased items from our food court.”

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For people interested in joining, the sign also had additional information.

Other snapshots of signs said, “Coming soon … Your membership card will be required to purchase food court items.”An Instagram account CostcoDeal has claimed that while Costco has confirmed the membership changes but has also said that it “may still vary per store and roll out date may vary as well.”

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It would be an excellent time to start stocking up on those cheap cheese pizzas and chicken bakes.

Image Source: Clark Howard + Costco

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