Costco Reopens Their Food Courts and Lifts 2 Member Entry Limit


By Cooking Panda

Yes, you read that right! Costco has just announced that their food courts will re-open (with certain limitations of course) in their latest statement announced via their website.

“A limited menu is available at Costco Food Courts. Orders are only available for takeout — seating is not available. Please ask Costco Food Court employees for available condiments.”

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Additionally, Costco also announced that they will also be be lifting their two-member entry restrictions. Allowing a member to bring in more than just one guest. But this doesn’t mean everything is going back to normal Costco shopping. Costco is still maintaining and enforcing many of their newly announced policies such as: limits on beef, pork, and poultry, not taking back certain items like toilet paper, and requiring all members to wear face masks while shopping.

The Costco Connoisseur said it best:

Slices of pizza are back in the food courts!!”

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