Costco Is Reducing Their Store Opening Hours Starting March 30th


By Cooking Panda

Costco’s Warehouses have seen a huge surge in shoppers in recent weeks as concern over the spread of coronavirus intensifies. Because of this, Costco has been put in a position to implement new restriction such as limiting the number of people allowed into the warehouse at once, placing maximums on highly demanded items, and suspending their member favorite… Samples!

Costco is now following the lead of some of it’s competitors, such as Walmart and Target to reduce their operating hours effective March 30th.

Costco’s new schedule will continue to have stores open at 10 a.m. but close two hours earlier between Monday and Friday – at 6.30 p.m rather than 8.30 p.m. Weekend hours will stay the same.

Image source: Costco Facebook

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