Costco is only allowing two Guests per membership in at a time


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The United States has continued to see a daily rise in the number of infected people dealing with the Coronavirus. While many non-essential businesses have temporarily closed, grocery stores are categorized as a life-sustaining business and remain open. Being viewed as the nation’s workers on the frontline, increased efforts to protect their customers and employees are in force.

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Warehouse chain Costco has added new restrictions to aid in the battle against the virus. The company was already forced to limit sales of necessary household items per customer, due to hoarding. Those who took part of the frenzied shopping mania before items were limited do not have the option to return the items to the store for a refund.

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In addition to limiting quantities, the store is enforcing their practice of social distancing by limiting two guests per membership card during their time of shopping. This includes their children. They are making continual strides in the health safety of all, and are asking the consumer to help assist this effort.
Other temporary changes have taken place in the warehouse stores. Included in those are reduced hours of operation for shoppers and times set aside strictly for the elderly and vulnerable. Our senior citizens, societal members with physical impairments, and those with weakened immunities can shop safely. They can get their essential needs without the fear of being harmed by frantic shoppers.

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New Rules For Shopping at Costco & New Operating Hours

The distribution of free samples has also been paused.

While the store remains open, the workers are continuing to deliver excellent service, despite the circumstances.

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Image Source: NBC San Diego

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