Cold Stone’s Boo Batter Midnight Black Ice Cream Is Here For Spooky Season


By Cooking Panda

Cold Stone’s Boo Batter Ice Cream is here in time for the spooky season, and we are so here for it! In honor of Halloween, Cold Stone Creamery has brought back its Boo Batter Ice Cream – and wait for it… it’s Midnight Black! Yup, you can even get it in a matching black waffle cone. 

Cold Stone's Boo Batter Midnight Black Ice Cream

Coldstone’s signature creation Treat Or Treat consists of the Boo Ice Cream, Kit Kats, Halloween Oreo Cookies with that orange crème and M&M’s. I mean, that’s literally my favorite candy, chocolate, and cookies all in one ice cream cone! Talk about the perfect Halloween treat.

Sara Schmillen, Vice President of Marketing for Kahala Brands, said in a press release “Indulge in the nostalgia of your Halloween childhood memories with the Treat or Treat Creation; it is a spooktacular way to get into the Halloween spirit!”

To keep things festive, certain Cold Stone locations will also have black and orange waffle cones and bowls. Opt for an all-black ice cream treat or give it a pop of seasonal fun with the orange option! Either way, you can’t go wrong!

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