Cinnamon Toast Crunch-Flavored Milk Cinnamilk Is Coming!


By Cooking Panda

Nestlé is bottling ready-to-drink cereal-flavored milk!!! Nestlé’s new Cinnamon Toast Crunch-Flavored Milk, Cinnamilk, tastes like cinnamon sugar perfection – that milk once you’re done eating all your cereal is the best part (in my opinion). That milk is liquid gold and cannot be made unless you have the cereal – but wait, Nestlé just created it! 

The new Nestlé drink will hit stores at the beginning of 2021, so you can expect to see it in January at all your grocery and convenience stores, as well as mass retailers nationwide. I personally cannot wait! Keep an eye out to for other Nestlé drinks – they’ll also be dropping their new Protein Power Strawberry Milk and Dark Chocolate Whole Milk. 

We are loving all of the awesome Cinnamon Toast Crunch innovations this year! If you missed it, make sure you check out their Cinnadust seasoning!

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