Cinnabon Offers Limited-Edition Frosting Pints


By Brittany Won

The holidays coupled with quarantine has left a lot of us with hankerings for our favorite comfort foods, and some of those brands we know and love have seriously risen to the occasion. The delicious shopping mall staple of our childhoods, Cinnabon, has been looking for new ways to reach its customers during this pandemic, including their first-ever frozen breakfasts for retailers like Target and Wal-Mart that got released earlier this fall. Now, just in time for the season of all things baked and sweet, they’re rolling out the product we’ve been dreaming of since we were little: their famous frosting by the pint.


We’re pretty sure the intent is to actually put it on top of baked goods, but the press release offers a pretty vague description on how this frosting is supposed to be enjoyed; “perfect accompaniment to holiday cooking, baking and holiday movie watching” leaves a lot to the imagination, so we won’t judge if you’re dipping straight into the tub now and again. If you do want to incorporate it into your cookie, Cinnabon has provided a handy recipe guide on their website at, featuring concoctions like Frosting-Swirl Brownies and a spin on your favorite sweet potato dessert. 



To complete their holiday product roll-out, Cinnabon has also partnered up with Harry & David to provide some awesome gift baskets, and has released brand new merchandise on their own website as well. You can find some seriously cool t-shirts, stickers, and even hoodies; perfect for that cinnamon roll addict in your life to wear their devotion to the sweet treat proudly.


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