Chocolate Covered Strawberries for Breakfast? 


By Cooking Panda

Who would have thought the Valentine’s Day treat we’d be looking forward to would be a breakfast cereal? Cheerios limited edition Chocolate Covered Strawberry flavored cereal is my new guilt free easy breakfast, and it deserves a spot on your next shopping list!

The Cheerio website description says, “Few things go together as well as delectable strawberries dipped in rich, chocolatey sauce. Pour yourself a bowl of limited edition Chocolate Strawberry Cheerios cereal and enjoy the taste of this blissful pairing to start your day, or take it along with you as a snack on-the-go!” 

The Cheerio website didn’t include clear dates as to when the limited edition flavor would stop being available. But it arrived in stores late December and is expected to continue that way through February according to @cereallife. 

The new flavor is made up of the whole-grain oat pieces, Cheerios are so famous for, but every box has a 50/50 split of chocolate flavored rounds and strawberry ones. 

Junk Banter compared the Chocolate Covered Strawberry cereal to Cheerios limited edition Strawberry Cereal from a couple years ago. If you tried that and missed it, this might be your chance to stock up on a similar flavor. 

The flavor combination and Cheerios pledge to healthy hearts is sure to keep your heart healthy and more importantly your taste buds happy!

I think this cereal counts as a breakfast, desert, and snack. When do you think the best time to eat it is?

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