Chick-fil-A Introducing Handwashing Stations to Every Single Drive-Thru


By Cooking Panda

The whole world is stepping up in a big way to stop the spread of COVID-19. Everyone is taking extreme precautions, but particularly the essential businesses that are staying open, including restaurants. Fast food chains like Chick-fil-A have done what needed to be done to protect their employees while still offering customers the same delicious meals they’ve come to know and love from Chick-fil-A. They’re going one step further and making it even easier to be sure their employees have super clean hands at all times. 

The chain just announced that they will be installing hand-washing stations at every single drive-thru location, as well as the restaurants located in mall food courts. They are beginning this installation process on April 11th. 

Employees who are working outside in the drive-thru lane will be required to wash their hands every 30 minutes, as well as every time they handle cash. The company is also asking all customers to swipe their own cards to limit contact in that way. Some workers have been seen wearing facemasks when serving food at the drive-thru. This is all on top of their regular disinfecting procedures, and will hopefully give everyone a little more peace of mind and protection during this pandemic. 

More restaurants will likely be following suit very soon, as more regulations are put into place and more precautions are being taken to ensure the safety and well being of customers and workers. Things are certainly not business as usual, but at least we can still safely grab our favorite chicken sandwich. 

Image source: Fox Business

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