Chick-fil-A Brought Its Fish Filet Sandwich Back For Lent


By Cooking Panda

Fin-tastic news, everybody: The regular Chick-fil-A® Fish Sandwich is back at select eateries during the pre-spring and late-winter! Also, as in years past, cod will be the trick of the day.

Select Chick-fil-An areas the nation over will offer breaded fish between Wednesday, February 26, and Saturday, April 11, 2020.

  • Four fish things will be accessible on the menu, alongside Chick-fil-A Tartar Sauce:
  • Customary Fish Sandwich, with two bits of fish
  • The Deluxe Fish Sandwich, with tomato, lettuce and American cheddar
  • Boxed 2-and 3-tally Fish dishes and suppers, presented with Waffle Potato Fries®

Chick-fil-A fish has been accessible during the pre-spring and late-winter since 2016. The fish things are not accessible across the country, yet they can be found at the eateries underneath.

Presently, there’s just a single thing left to do: Get the tartar sauce prepared!

Source: Chick-fi-A

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