Check Out Taco Bell’s Player in Plant-Based Meat Race


By Cooking Panda

Burger King, DelTaco, and Subway, all of them have put their players in the plant-based meat game. And what surprised many was how come the innovative Taco Bell hadn’t joined the vegetarian trend race.

oatrageous taco

Mark King, the newly appointed CEO, seemed ready and announced that soon enough, the chain would start using plant-based meats. When? “in the next year,” as told to journalists.

King also confirmed that he had met with two of the most prominent players in plant-based meat- Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat. These two also happen to be the go-to producer for most of the big fast-food chains who have resorted to veggie meats.

Taco Bell has its proprietary blend of plant-based meat, and it is already used in numerous locations across Europe. Therefore the fact that King suggested using Impossible or Blend was surely surprising.

So what does the “Oatrageous” taco or burrito primarily consist of? The oat-based meal is made up of legumes, pulled oats, and the standard Taco Bell seasonings.

As per the schedule, you can get the oat meat at all Europe Taco Bells by the summer of 2020, and a transition to the U.S is only a natural course of action.

Regardless of the direction Taco Bell takes, they should make a move since they have always had a vegetarian menu anyways, but somehow they fell back in the plant-based meat wars.

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