Caramel Marshmallow Fluff Will Be Your New Favorite Spread


By Cooking Panda

Caramel Fluff is here! You must be thinking, “what on earth is Caramel Fluff?” Well, it’s a jar containing 213g of delicious caramel flavored marshmallow spread. I know – it’s a mouthful! This Fluff’s newest flavor. They also have the original and strawberry flavors available. 

If you haven’t already tried this, you need to get on it! Pronto! This stuff is made of fluffy, smooth marshmallow perfection. I’d recommend using it in your Rice Krispies recipe! But there are so many ways to incorporate Fluff into your sweet treats – it can be a spread in a sandwich mixed with peanut butter. It can also be used on toast, in ice cream sundaes, fudge – I mean, you get it. The possibilities are endless! 

Each jar has the equivalent of at least 32 marshmallows and Fluff’s marshmallow spread is made with only the finest ingredients with absolutely no artificial preservatives. So get spreading or baking (or spooning straight from the jar – we won’t judge)! 

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