Captain Morgan’s Sliced Apple-Flavored Rum Giving Us All The Fall Feels


By Cooking Panda

Who else is loving all things about the Fall season? Technically, Labor Day marked the end of summer and the beginning of fall. I know it’s hard for some of us on the west coast to truly catch the “fall feels” other than opting for the occasional pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks… seeing as though just last week SoCal was over 100 degrees. 

But Captain Morgan has a brand new Sliced Apple Rum for all of us – which is their original rum with added elements of crisp, juicy apples, a small bit of ginger to make the perfect blend of a sweet yet tart spirit. 

Think of all the ways you can craft a fall-flavored cocktail and how much fun that’ll make all your Zoom and FaceTime calls. This rum is available across the United States and Canada in 750 ml bottles with a 35% alcohol by volume, and each bottle retails for about $16. Check out all the cocktail recipes Captain Morgan has from their Apple Crisp, Apple Sour to their Apple Mule. Or come up with your own apple concoction. 

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