Can You Crack The Mystery of The New Twizzlers Mystery Flavor?


By Brittany Won

By Yasmine Cardenas



As humans, we love a good unsolved mystery. Something about the Lochness Monster and Bigfoot bewilders us. And there’s a reason why movies like “Knives Out” and games like “Clue” are so successful and fun. 


Twizzlers brand is bringing on the mystery with the release of its first ever limited-edition Mystery Twizzlers Flavor. 



The brand boasts that this flavor is “a taste so mysterious consumers may have to go through more than a few Twists before they guess it right.” 


Its intriguing purple color may be a hint at the flavor. My guess is that it might be a mixed berry type of flavor? 


 But how do I know they’re not using the color to throw off my guess?


Twizzlers will be making the big reveal this summer. This buys time for any fans who are up to crack the mystery of this new flavor.


Twizzlers Mystery Flavor will be available nationwide beginning this spring so there’s no need to break out the Sherlock Holmes hat and magnifying glass, unless you want to. 


Let us know if you think you’ve cracked the mystery. We would love to hear your guesses before the big reveal!


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