Biscoff Ice Cream Bars Are Out And Filled With Cookie Butter


By Cooking Panda

If you’ve ever sat down with a jar of Biscoff cookie butter and a spoon, or not-so-accidentally eaten your way through an entire package of Biscoff biscuits, you know what the hype is all about when we tell you that there’s now Biscoff Ice Cream Bars. No, you’re not dreaming. We’re talking ginger, cinnamon, caramel, crunchy goodness along with cookie butter ice cream all coming together to make the tastiest ice cream bar you can get your hands on. There’s even a layer of actual cookie butter and a chocolate shell with crunchy biscuit bits inside, in case you needed any more convincing. Sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. 

We’ve been waiting on the release of the Biscoff Ice Cream Bar since last year when Lotus – creator of the Biscoff biscuit- announced that they would be introducing ice cream bars and pints of this tasty treat to supermarkets in the U.S. An instagramer (CandyHunting) posted about the discovery after spotting it at Walmart, and took to the internet to help spread the word that the wait was finally over. It’s here! Thank you Biscoff, thank you.

With all the cookie-flavored options, your sweet tooth is sure to be taken care of for the foreseeable future. I myself will be settling down with a pint of Biscoff ice cream and a cup of coffee as soon as I can get my hands on a pint of my own! Clear out your freezers, folks. You’re going to need some space.

Image source: Eric Koenreich

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