Ben & Jerry’s Rolls Out An Ice Cream With Potato Chips


By Cooking Panda

Ben & Jerry’s has done it again! Say hello to Chip Happens! This flavor from what we’ve heard was inspired by Netflix’s out of the box’s baking competition Nailed It! 

Instgram Account @CandyHunting has the 411 on it:

Each pint has a chocolate ice cream, swirls of crunchy potato chips, and fudge chips all swirled around to create a salty-sweet, chocolatey pint of awesomeness. The Ben & Jerry’s team describes the new flavor as “an ice cream as perfectly imperfect as the culinary masterpieces of Nailed It!”

As we all know, this isn’t Ben & Jerry’s first rodeo adding potato chips into their pints, they’ve done it before on their: Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Dough. But those potato chips were previously covered in chocolate.

Lastly, we’re hearing that this ice cream is a limited item, so it will not be here forever.

Image Source: Ben & Jerry’s

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