Ben & Jerry’s Doggie Desserts Are for Friends of Hoomans Everywhere


By Brittany Won

As much as we’d like to give our dogs the world, it’s a simple fact that there’s a lot we have to be careful about letting them gobble up: from chocolate to onions, many a culinary gift to mankind can give our canine friends a very bad day.

Dog owners all over the U.S. will thus be pleased to hear that Ben & Jerry’s has released, for the first time in their history, two ice cream products designed specifically for dogs. Not only are these products carefully crafted with a sunflower butter base so as to not upset dogs’ stomachs, but they have been lovingly named after two members of Ben & Jerry’s “K9-5ers,” Ben & Jerry’s crew of regular HQ office dogs.

The first of the two flavors, Pontch’s Batch, is named after this rather rad-looking French Bulldog and features peanut butter and pretzel swirls.

The second, Rosie’s Batch, gets its name from a handsome mixed Husky with a penchant for frisbees and is flavored with pumpkin and mini cookies. I chose to refrain from describing the flavors in any more detail lest I find myself salivating over ice cream meant for dogs.

Always creative, clever, and crave-worthy, Ben & Jerry’s has long been a staple of both perfect movie nights and post-breakup comfort rituals, and now we’re just glad that the furriest of our best friends can also give more life to their annual Office re-binges or particularly tough nights when they miss their lost loves.

Doggie Desserts will be sold in individual 4-oz cups at $2.99 or in 4-count multipacks at $4.99. Also, Ben & Jerry’s has released a limited line of pet accessories and toys in celebration of this launch: check out the groovy leash or the adorable plush ice cream cone, both made from recycled plastic water bottles!


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