Bazooka Candy Brands New Totally Awesome Gummies


By Cooking Panda

Bazooka, the candy brand best known for its gum wrapped in Bazooka Joe comic strips, is expanding its candy line with an exciting array of new gummy candy options.

The gummy candies are part of Bazooka’s new Totally Awesome line, and include totally awesome shapes like unicorns and dragons. The gummies will come in four fun flavors to match the fun shapes – strawberry, grape, watermelon, and blue raspberry.

For added fun and to pique your imagination, the different flavors of each mystical creature comes with its own backstory. For example, the Green Watermelon Astro gummy dragons are described as “magic dragons who possess unstoppable mouth lasers”, while the Red Strawberry PartyCorn unicorn gummies are unicorns who throw the best parties and grant special wishes for their guests. 

The fun flavors, shapes, and backstories are sure to make the Bazooka Totally Awesome gummies a blast for kids, and even fun for adults who want to let their imagination run wild for a bit. 

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