Baked Loaded Nacho Wontons


By Jenny Pham

Do you love nachos, but hate the mess that comes with eating it? Usually topped with a variety of saucy, cheesey, and heavily spiced ingredients, nachos (albeit, worth it) are definitely not something to be eaten on a first date. Cue, Loaded Nacho Wontons! These bad boys contain the same ingredients as a plate of nachos but houses the components on the inside, making perfect little “nacho” bites without the hassle of wiping your hands of grease and sauce over and over again.

How to Make Loaded Nacho Wontons

These wonton nacho bites are stuffed with cheese, tomatoes, beans, chiles, and olives, but could easily include meat as well. As for the accompanying dips and sauces, there are absolutely no limits! Set up a bowl of guacamole, queso, salsa, or any sauce of your liking and you’re set.

The process is quite simple, blend the ingredients in a food processor, top it onto wonton wrappers, seal them up, and pop them in the oven to bake until crispy perfection. If you’re looking to go a bit crazy, top each prepared wonton with more cheese and bake for an additional 3 minutes or until the cheese is all ooey gooey!

Baked Loaded Nacho Wontons




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