Apple Pie Nachos


By Jenny Pham

Nachos are so versatile that over the years, it has evolved from Mexican flavors to Asian (e.g., sushi nachos) and even Irish-inspired flavors. The contrast of a crunchy base, layered with sauces and dips, and topped with complementary ingredients makes for a dish that satisfies all cravings.

To continue the nacho evolution, we’re throwing this sweet Apple Pie Nacho recipe into the mix because it doesn’t always have to be savory. These Apple Pie Nachos give off contrasting textures much like the traditional dish, but offer sweet and tart flavors that are perfect for dessert or a snack.

Apple Pie Nachos

These Apple Pie Nachos don’t stray too far from your traditional nacho dish as the base layer is still made of tortilla. However, these tortillas are coated in butter and cinnamon sugar and are baked to perfection before they are layered with the delightful toppings.

For the topping, we opt for Granny Smith apples as they hold their texture even after being cooked, adding that crunch that we all oh-so love in our nachos. The apples are accompanied by a caramel sauce and topped with pecans and whipped cream or vanilla ice cream if you really want to treat yourself!


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