Bailey’s New Apple Pie Irish Cream Liqueur


By Cooking Panda

Baileys Irish Creme is not just for St. Patrick’s Day anymore. The liqueur is debuting a new Apple Pie flavor just in time for fall, ensuring that this classic drink can have a home on your liquor shelf year-round. The new flavor combines the familiar taste of Baileys with apple pie spices and hints of vanilla ice cream to create a drink that tastes like autumn without the added hassle of picking your own apples.

Baileys Apple Pie can be stirred into coffee or enjoyed over ice on its own for a delicious fall drink at any time of day. For cocktail lovers, the limited edition liqueur can also be found in the Baileys Apple Pie Friendsgiving kit. The kit comes with everything you need to enjoy a chilly fall afternoon: Baileys Apple Pie, cookies infused with the liqueur, an apron, and the ingredients you need for the Apple of my Chai cocktail. The cocktail combines Baileys with spices, coffee-flavored syrup, and chai tea for a fun twist on a traditional chai latte. The Apple of my Chai is sure to be a delicious and welcome alternative to the pumpkin spice beverages that have become synonymous with fall. 

The limited edition Baileys Apple Pie is available now if you want to start mixing your autumn-inspired cocktails before the leaves start changing. The comforting combination of Baileys Irish Creme and the taste of homemade apple pie is a great addition to the flavors of the season and the perfect way to end an autumn day.

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