An Oreo Making Simpson Donut Dreams Come True 


By Brittany Won


Oreo is adding to their already vast flavor pool. Late last year and within the last two months they released Lady Gaga, Brookie-O, and Hazelnut Oreos. But now there’s yet another new flavor… Strawberry Frosted Donut! 


The Simpson fan in me is drooling with delight. These new oreos have golden sandwich cookies, and delicious pink strawberry GLITTER creme filing.


The only bad news is that the Oreo company is only releasing them in limited supply. Which means that if you are lucky enough to find them on store shelves, you need to stock up!


They’re set to be released in March and according to Walmart’s online new cookie option a package will cost $3.67. 


While you wait for the Strawberry Frosted Donut Oreos, you can look for Oreo’s new gluten-free variety and chocolate-y flavors, both of which were released last month. 

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