A Lucky Charms Themed IPA called “Saturday Morning” Has Us All Ready For the Weekend


By Cooking Panda

After one sip of “Saturday Morning” you’ll understand how this IPA from Virginia- based Smartmouth Brewing Company can be so magically delicious. You guessed it – it was brewed to taste like lucky charms. It sounds wild, I know, but doesn’t it also sound really amazing? Apparently it is, because when the brewery released the beer last year it was so incredibly popular that they decided to brew more of it, and it will soon be available to purchase at grocery stores and will be on taps at bars across Virginia really soon!

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•SOLD OUT• Thank you everyone! ? – We’ll give you the bad news first… – After complications with Coronavirus, we’ve had to reroute an export order of Saturday Morning IPA cans back to our Norfolk Headquarters.? – The good news? – We like to share (and IPAs are best enjoyed fresh ) so we’re kicking these cans to the curbside for pickup and delivery TODAY!? – Presales go live on our online store (link in bio) at 12:00pm – first come first serve! Curbside pickup or delivery in Norfolk only. Two 4-pack limit per person. While supplies last! . . . #wordofmouth #sharingiscaring #luckoftheipa #curbside #beerme #nostalgicallyridiculous #ipa #goodnews #saturdaymorningipa #757craftbeer #marshmallowipa #smartbeerstupidgood #smartmouthbrewing #smartmouthbrewery .

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The recipe is basically the same as their original “Saturday Morning” brew, but they just made some adjustments to the hops. At 6% ABV, you’re definitely going to taste the hops, and some described it as having a kiwi taste, and others tasted notes of lemon, stone fruit, orange Starburst, and white grape. There’s also a mild flavor of sweet cereal which really brings home the Lucky Charms theme. It’s actually even brewed using marshmallows!

This comes in a 16oz can and the label art comes patterned with the same rainbow theme you know and love! Now for the sad news, this magically delicious beer is not going to be available nationwide. Widespread distribution is not yet in the works, but we definitely hope that changes soon! For now, Virginians can find this and will just have to tell us all about it. 

If there was ever an excuse for beer and Daturday cartoons, we think this is most definitely it.

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