Would You Try Walmart's Croissant-Tortilla Hybrid?

| by Lia Ryerson

Food hybrids are really all the rage these days; if you can dream of smashing two foods together into one new dish, you can probably find it.

Take the cronut, for example; the donut-croissant mashup that has stolen the hearts of many pastry lovers worldwide.

And how about the Burger King Chicken Fries? Sure, they're essentially just elongated chicken strips plopped into a french fry box, but people seem to adore them.

And now, Walmart is joining the food hybrid party with its very own contribution: the Crotilla!

According to Delish, the Crotilla, which can be found in the bakery section at Walmart, is part cro, as in croissant, and part tilla, as in flour tortilla, and is pronounced like "Crow-Tee-Ah"!

I'm not sure why this needed to exist, exactly, but I'm not totally against it. True, flour and corn tortillas have always served me extremely well for burritos, wraps and tacos, and croissants, donuts, and bagels typically tend to be my go-to choices if I'm really craving some sort of indulgent carb before lunchtime. 

However, perhaps I'm just getting too caught up in trying to marry the two different bread products together, and getting caught up in how perfect they are on their own, and not expanding my imagination enough to envision what a combination of the two could become.

For instance, naan, injera, and pita all serve distinct purposes, and all have special places in my heart. Perhaps the new Crotilla, which is said by Delish to be pillowy, flakey, and buttery, will prove itself to be the perfect accompaniment for a new dish I haven't even dreamed of yet.

The Crotilla has been available in around 800 Walmart stores nationwide since April 17, and retails at $3.98 for an 8-pack.

Have you picked up a pack of Crotillas yet? And if you have, I'm super curious--what makes it distinct and do you think it stands out from all the other popular bread-based products out there? How have you been using your Crotillas?

Source: Delish / Photo Credit: Walmart via Delish

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