The Yamashiro Restaurant Hollywood is one of the best attractions in Los Angeles. It combines a wonderful cultural history with fantastic views and scenery, not to mention the food. The actual structure itself dates back almost a hundred years to 1914, and the restaurant building is intended to be a replica of a palace near Kyoto, Japan. It is hard to emphasize enough the history of this place. The Yamashiro Restaurant Hollywood was the famous host site of that selection of excellent actors, actresses, producers and directors known as the 400 Club.
Yamashiro Restaurant Hollywood
The setting is magnificent, with evocative views over Los Angeles from the mountainside. During the day, the clear view into the distance is indescribable and gives one a very special feeling, and at night, the lights of the city turn the whole scene very romantic and somehow evocative of its rich and cultured past. The building involves a variety of different rooms catering to different kinds of diners. There is a bar at which you can have just a drink if you would prefer, along with a number of dining rooms that can support everything from small casual get-togethers to large-scale business meetings or parties.
Finally, once you have settled down, you will undoubtedly enjoy the fabulous food, a selection of CalAsian cuisine from an award-winning menu. As well as the expected sushi and standard meals of fish, steak, salad, and so on, there is a fine choice of desserts. It is hard to conceive of not enjoying the Yamashiro Restaurant Hollywood; it is a magical place that must be experienced to be believed.


1999 North Sycamore Avenue, Los Angeles, CA(323) 466-5125