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Double tomato bruschetta can be a delicious and easy appetizing food to have before a big meal or to enjoy as a finger food at a dinner party. This recipe utilized a balsamic vinegar mixture to give it a little kick. Serve warm, but not too hot, and enjoy this tasty treat at any time of the year.


Step 1 – Preheat your oven to the broiler setting.
Step 2 – In a spacious bowl, bring together the plum tomatoes with the olive oil, sun dried tomatoes, garlic, basil, pepper, vinegar, and salt. Mix well and thoroughly, and allow the mixture to set for fifteen minutes, so that the flavors influence each other.
Step 3 – Cut the baguette into thin one inch slices.
Step 4 – Using a baking sheet, set the slices carefully on a single layer, making sure that they do not touch each other too closely in one layer. Allow the bread to broil for two minutes, until it slightly browns.
Step 5 – Divide the tomato mixture carefully and evenly over the baguette slices. After the mixture is spread, top the slices with even helpings of mozzarella cheese.
Step 6 – Replace the baking sheet in the oven and allow them to broil for five minutes, or until the cheese is melted or lightly browned, depending on your liking.
Step 7 – Allow to cool for a few minutes before serving.

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Guacamole can be a delightful and traditional dish that can be enjoyed all year round. Enjoy in the summer with a nice and savory main dish, or indulge in the delicious tastes during the winter, to warm up during a particularly cold or snowy day. It makes an excellent dip for finger foods at mixers, or it can be enjoyed on its own as a simple and nutritious salad. Additionally, it can be an excellent addition to any child’s lunch. The simplest recipes feature nothing but avocados and lime juice, while the most complicated gourmet dishes can contain all kinds of different tasty ingredients, including different peppers, tomatoes, and whatever else the chef can want to include. Guacamole can be made chunky or smooth, depending entirely on the preferences of the chef. For the best results, the freshest ingredients are recommended to be used in the creation of this dish.


Step 1 – Begin by mashing the avocados in medium bowl, mashing them to the desired texture, whether smooth, chunky, or anything in between.
Step 2 – Add the lime juice and the salt, mixing well.
Step 3 – Once the lime juice is no longer visible, add in the cilantro, onion, tomatoes, and garlic, mixing until they blend well with each other in the bowl.
Step 4 – Add a pinch of cayenne pepper if you want to add a kick to your dish.
Step 5 – Refrigerate for up to an hour in order to unleash the mixture of spicy flavors or serve immediately as a quick treat.

It’s said that pumpkin isn’t just for cravings, and that is for a good reason. The Pumpkin-Pecan Cheesecake combines the beautiful American cheesecake color with a southern-style praline topping to offer a delicious treat. Below is a recipe that serves 12.

The ingredients needed to prepare a tasty Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecake are the following:

For praline topping, you’ll need 1/2 cup of golden brown sugar, three tablespoons of unsalted butter, and 3/4 cup of coarsely chopped pecans. For the Crust, you’ll need two cups of gingersnap cookie crumbs, a tablespoon of ground cinnamon, and 1/4 cup of unsalted butter. The unsalted butter should be melted. For the filling, you need 4 eight-ounce packages of cream cheese (the cheese should be kept at room temperature), 1 1/2 cups of sugar, 3 tablespoons of purpose flour, one and a half teaspoons of ground cinnamon, one tablespoon of ground ginger, 4 eggs, a 15-ounce can of solid pack pumpkin, three tablespoons of bourbon, and 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract.

Preparing Your Pumpkin-Pecan Cheesecake

First, you should heat the oven to 325°F, and then line the baking sheet with foil. Stir the butter and sugar in a saucepan over the medium heat until it melts and starts boiling then boil for a minute without stirring. Add the pecans and spread the mixture on a baking sheet, and then bake until you see strong bubbles of the sugar syrup. This should take about 8 minutes. Allow praline to completely cool then break it into pieces. You can do this a day ahead.

After the praline is ready, you can then make the crust. Heat the oven to 325°F, stir the cinnamon and cookie crumbs to blend. Add butter and stir until the crumbs become moist. Bake the crust for about 8 minutes and then allow it to cool, then double-wrap it with foil and place it in a roasting pan.

For the filling, you should use an electric mixer to beat the sugar and cream cheese in a bowl until it becomes smooth, and then put in the flour and the spices. After that, beat in the eggs, each at a time. Add the pumpkin, then the bourbon, and the vanilla to the eggs and move them to the crust. You should now bake the cake in water.

To bake the cake, first pour enough hot water into the roasting pan, letting it reach 1 inch up the sides of the pan and bake the cake until the center is set, and add more water as needed. This should take about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Remove the cheesecake, cool it in a pan and remove the foil. Using a small knife, you can detach the cake from the pan and allow it to cool; then cover it overnight. After releasing the cake the next day, you can then sprinkle the praline over it. You Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecake is ready to serve.

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There is nothing better than fresh Southern peach cobbler for dessert. Topped with some heavy cream, this dessert makes excellent use of those delicious, juicy peaches in your fruit basket.

Step 1- Bring your oven to 375°.
Step 2- Add the melted butter to an 8 inch square casserole dish.
Step 3- In a medium bowl, stir the sugar and flour together. Add salt and baking powder before pouring in the milk and vanilla. Mix well.
Step 4- Add the flour batter to the baking dish, on top of the butter.
Step 5- Mix 3 tablespoons of sugar and the cinnamon together. Toss the peach slices in the sugar and spread over the batter.
Step 6- Bake the cobbler for 25 minutes. Check doneness by sticking a toothpick into the center of the cake. It will come out clean if the cake is done.
Step 7- Serve the cobbler warm. It goes well with ice cream or you can top it with a spoonful or two of heavy cream.

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Nothing says a festive holiday season like the smell of baked goods wafting in a home. Chewy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies can be a particularly tasty treat, especially for kids that are just coming home for the winter break.

The ingredients are:
One cup of butter
One cup of yellow sugar
One half of a teaspoon baking soda
One and a half cups of granulated sugar
Two teaspoons of vanilla extract
One and one quarter cups of unbleached flour
One teaspoon of salt
Two eggs
Three cups of quick-cooking oats
One cup of chopped walnuts

Begin by preheating the the oven to three hundred and twenty five degrees Fahrenheit. In a large bowl, combine the butter, brown sugar, and white sugar and beat them until they are smooth. Slowly beat in the eggs, one at a time, and then stir in the vanilla. For the dry ingredients, combine the flour, the baking soda, the and salt. Stir this into the creamed mixture until it is just blended. Then mix in the quick oats, walnuts, and the chocolate chips. Afterwards, drop the mixture in spoonfuls onto the ungreased baking sheet. Leave them to bake for twelve minutes, and then take them out to cool on a baking sheet before enjoying!

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The following iced pumpkin cookies recipe will help you prepare a delicious platter of soft and cakey iced pumpkin cookies, topped with a yummy cream drizzle. The given quantities will make 4 dozen ice pumpkin cookies. One essential thing to remember is that more icing you use, the better will be the finished product.

Granulated sugar: 1 cup
Canned pumpkin puree: 2 cups
2 large eggs
Vegetable oil: 1 cup
Light brown sugar: 1 cup
All-purpose flour: 4 cups
Baking powder: 2 teaspoons
Pumpkin pie spice: 1 teaspoon


Softened cream cheese: 3 ounces
Vanilla extract: ½ teaspoon
Milk: 2 tablespoons
Powdered sugar: 4 cups


Step 1– Preheat oven to 180 degrees C (350 degrees F).
Step 2– Mix sugars, eggs, oils, and pumpkin. Stir the dough well until it becomes smooth enough.
Step 3– Stir in baking powder, spice, and flour. Combine the ingredients well to prepare a thick dough.
Step 4– Take one tablespoonful from the dough and drop it onto the greased cookie sheet for each cookie. Make sure to space each drop by at least 2 inches.
Step 5– Bake for 10-12 minutes. Notice when the cookies are starting to get brown on the bottom and get puffy.
Step 6– Cool on racks 5.
Step 7– Combine milk, vanilla extract, powdered sugar, and cream cheese once the preparation is cool.
Step 8– Ice the prepared cookies and serve.

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Whip up some quick Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookies for guests or an after school snack and you won’t regret it. This recipe is one that will quickly become a regular in your recipe box.

Step 1- Heat your oven up to 350°. Lay parchment paper on two cookie sheets.
Step 2- In a big bowl, stir together the flour, baking powder and salt.
Step 3- In another bowl, add the melted butter to the sugar and stir very well. There should be no lumps left.
Step 4- Mix the egg into the sugar and butter mix and then add in the peanut butter and vanilla. Beat well.
Step 5- Dump the butter batter into the flour bowl and mix until everything is incorporated. Add the chocolate chips and oats and stir well.
Step 6- Scoop the dough onto the baking sheets. One large spoonful will make a cookie, leaving space between them for spreading.
Step 7- Bake the cookies for about 10-12 minutes. They will not look finished, but you should remove them from the oven and let them sit for 10 minutes.
Step 8- Transfer the cookies to a wire rack and cool before serving.

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Baklava is a Mediterranean sweet treat recipe and different Baklava preparation processes are adopted in different countries like Lebanon, Greece, Albania, or Turkey. The following Baklava recipe is an authentic and very tasty Greek Baklava recipe.
Chopped nuts (pistachios, almonds, walnuts, or a combination of the three) — 1 lb
Phyllo dough– 1 lb
Ground cinnamon– 1 teaspoon
Ground cloves– 1/3 teaspoon
Sugar– 1/3 cup
Melted butter– 1 cup


Water– 1 cup
Sugar– 1 cup
Lemon juice– 2 tablespoons
Honey– ½ cup

Step 1– Preheat the oven to 350°F and grease lightly a 9×13 pan.
Step 2– Thaw the pre-made phyllo dough. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for how to thaw.
Step 3– Roll out the thawed dough and cut it in halves. Cover the dough with a slightly damp towel.
Step 4– Chop the nuts into even and small pieces and combine them with cloves, cinnamon, and sugar.
Step 5– Melt the butter in a separate bowl.
Step 6– Place one sheet of dough onto the pan. Brush melted butter over the sheet with a pastry brush.
Step 7– Place all of eight sheets one on top of another. Every time, make sure to brush or ‘paint’ the sheet with butter.
Step 8– Spread a layer of the chopped nut mixture and cover it with 2 more phyllo dough sheets. Continue this 1 nut mixture/2 dough sheets routine until the nut mixture is exhausted.
Step 9– Cut the layers into 24 equal squares. Bake for 30-40 minutes until the edges become crisp and the layers take a golden brown color.

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– 2 eggs
– 2 1/2 cups of all-purpose flour
– 1 cup of softened butter, room temperature
– 1 cup of white sugar
– 1 cup of packed brown sugar
– 1 teaspoon of baking soda
– 1 teaspoon of baking powder
– 1/2 teaspoon of salt
– 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
– 1/2 cup of peanut butter, creamy or crunchy


Classic Peanut Butter cookies are a favorite of many. They are perfect for holiday gatherings or any other occasion. The recipe is quick and easy to prepare.

Step 1- In a large bowl, combine baking soda, baking powder, salt, and flour

Step 2- In a separate mixing bowl, combine white sugar, brown sugar, peanut butter, and softened butter

Step 3- Beat in eggs and vanilla extract with the sugar and butter ingredients

Step 4- Slowly add in the flour mixture and combine well with a mixer

Step 5- Cover the dough and refrigerate for at least an hour

Step 6- Preheat oven to 370 degrees Fahrenheit

Step 7- Once the dough is chilled, make small balls using a teaspoon

Step 8- Place dough balls onto a greased cookie sheet and bake in the oven for 10 to 12 minutes

Step 9- Allow to cool on a wire rack